What is Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing is about many things. However, one of its main forces is this, and that is to help you the home business entrepreneur, or brick and mortar business owner attract interested buyers and prospects to you and what you have to offer.

Attraction Marketing. Why You Need Attraction Marketing For Business

Instead of you chasing and pitching your business, product or service.  You become the one hunted instead of having to hunt. It’s much more pleasant not having to chase after family and friends. When you help solve people’s problem they will love you and this is how you establish rapport, trust, credibility and a list of loyal followers.

Why Attraction Marketing Method For Business?

The attraction marketing method is the best way to build a list of interested prospects, buyers, and make more money in your online business.  There is no more rejection.  So how do you attract interested buyers and prospects to you.  You do so by establishing yourself as a leader and expert in your industry helping others providing helpful information thus building trust in you.

For example, People begin to think of you when looking for a personal trainer, real estate agent; when they want to lose weight for that special event; when they want to buy that house, etc.


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Determine Your Target Market

First determine your target market. Then offer great value, provide solutions serving your target market and create content that addresses their needs and challenges.

What concerns or questions would your target market have that you can have solve?  Offer solutions and offers which helps to attract business prospects and customers to you.

Provide Value

Provide value, serve others of what you know.  You may be thinking you don't know anything or have anything to give.  Yes you do!   When you invest in yourself to increase your knowledge you do have some value to share. Invest, learn, then teach it to your audience.  If you are in health and wellness, fitness industry, real estate, or beauty niche start providing free value based content that solves concerns to your audience for example:

How to improve your health and wellness, weight loss tips, exercise tips, or recipes, what to look for in a real estate agent, benefits of using a personal trainer, how to prevent hair breakage after bleaching, etc.

Pick a Marketing Strategy & Build Your List

Create content of what you’ve learned in the form of blog post, videos, articles, eBooks, cheat sheets, audios, live events, webinars, etc. Pick a marketing strategy to get your message out to the social sphere building your brand and list of people who want to hear from you.

Attraction Marketing. Why You Need Attraction Marketing For Business

Make sure you have an autoresponders and capture page set up.  This is how you offer more valuable information for exchange of email and build your list of interested buyers.

You can market to your list whatever products and services you chose. If you switch companies or no longer promoting a particular product or company, you simply switch what you are promoting.  That's the power of owning your on list.

Then Serve from the heart and eventually people will start to buy your products and some may even join you in business.

What Business Benefits from Attraction Marketing

Attraction marketing is beneficial for home business owners, mlm network marketers, affiliate marketers, internet marketers but, also traditional brick and motor businesses.

The attraction marketing model is used for personal training marketing, real estate marketing, beautician marketing, chiropractic marketing, author marketing and the list goes on.

Be sure to choose the best marketing strategies you are most comfortable with and apply attraction marketing methods to promote your products, services or business opportunity.

See the 7 step Attraction Marketing Method laid out in details here…


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